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Cupboard Essentials

Cupboard Essentials

cupboard essentials

After moving to Trondheim, I had to start over with an entirely empty kitchen cupboard. Being in such a position made me think about what things I really like to have at hand at all times. So I made a short list of cupboard essentials.


Well, of course oats are on number one, definitely. I mean, they are perfect. I use oats for my breakfast every morning, either in cooked oatmeal, or as a bowl of overnight oats. You can also use them to make a batch of granola as tasty snack. Add to that all of the other possibilities for using oats in baking (using either rolled, steal-cut or ground oats) and I think it is rather obvious why this will be the most essential food in your cupboard. (Or at least in mine)

 three cupboard essentials

Peanut Butter
Oats may be very, very important to me, but so is peanut butter. As a healthy and delicious source of fats and minerals, a jar of peanut butter is indispensable in my kitchen cupboard. You can stir it through your oatmeal, spread on it on slices of bread or use it in cookies. You can also very easily use peanut butter to make a small batch of cookie dough to eat straight away. And I have to confess that I often eat a spoon of peanut butter just as it is, as a nice snack.

Honey/Maple Syrup

Already slightly less essential than the previous two, but still rather important are unrefined sweeteners. The uses of these are endless, but oatmeal and granola are the things I use them for most often. And for baking of course. And sometimes to add to a cup of chai tea. So yes, these are very versatile, which makes them a good supply to have at hand anytime.

salt, pepper, cinnamon

Salt, Pepper and Cinnamon

This might sound as a strange combination. Which maybe it is. But I thought it would be ok to put them together under one header. Basically, these three are the most important seasoning ingredients for me. Salt for in my oatmeal, pepper to flavour savoury dishes and cinnamon to add to almost anything. I’m serious, I add cinnamon to so many dishes, you might even call me an addict. But well, if you have to start from scratch completely, these are the three seasonings I would suggest you buy first.

oatly havre drink

(Vegan) Milk

Milk is probably not really something you usually keep in your cupboard. But it is nice to have some milk when you need it. As most types of nut and vegetable milk have a long shelf life when they are still unopened, it’s good to have an extra carton of them in your cupboard, just in case. At moments when you come home from a holiday or long weekend but have had no opportunity to get some groceries, then at least you can make oatmeal for breakfast the next morning. That kind of occasions are why I usually keep some extra milk at hand.

Different Lifestyle, Different Essentials
I think these five things are the most essential in my kitchen cupboard. There are other things that are very handy to have as well, but I found these to be the most important to me. But what is essential depends on your own personaly eating style of course, so if you have any other foods that you think are invaluable, I would love to hear from you.

What are your most important cupboard essentials?

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  • Reply MAndy Sharon

    Leuke post! Zo denk je er inderdaad goed over na wat je echt ‘nodig’ hebt, wilt hebben in de kastjes! :)

    14/01/15 at 19:33
  • Reply MAndy Sharon

    leuke post! Zo denk je er inderdaad goed over na wat je echt ‘nodig’ hebt!

    14/01/15 at 19:32
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