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Nature Treasure Hunt

DIY: Nature Treasure Hunt

diy nature treasure hunt

Going on a nature treasure hunt is loads of fun. Whether you go by yourself, with friends, or with children, going on a search will let you enjoy nature on a new level. You might see things you have never paid attention to before. And you can very easy make such a treasure hunt yourself.

nature treasure hunt 2

Creative Looking

The key objective of a nature treasure hunt is to have a list of things that you will have to find. The descriptions can be as clear or as vague as you want them to be. With rather abstract descriptions, you will be forced to look in a more creative way. Say for example you have to find something that has spikes, or five things birds can use to make a nest, that kind of things will let you think about what you see around you, and what part it has in nature.

kids nature treasure hunt

How To Make a Nice Treasure Hunt

  1. Decide who the treasure hunt will be for. You might have other descriptions when children are going to go on the hunt, than when it will be yourself. Adapt your categories to that. But don’t forget that children see more than you would think!
  2. Think about when the hunt will take place. What kind of weather will it be, will there be greens and flowers, or not? You might even give the hunt a particular theme matching with the time of year or a holiday. (First leaves of the year hunt? Valentine’s day hunt?)
  3. Decide how vague you want the descriptions to be. How creative do you want to get? If more people are involved, consider if they are all on the same level. If not, make sure the hunt will still be fun for everyone.
  4. Come up with a list of things and descriptions to be found. Depending on the time you will spend on the hunt you can adapt the length and difficulty of the list.
  5. Get creative! (or not, only if you like to) Add some extra fun to the hunt by crafting together a funny, beautiful or strange layout for the treasure list. You could add some pictures, colours, textures, anything you like. They could be part of descriptions, but they will also just be a fun decoration.
  6. Go out, explore, take pictures and enjoy your nature treasure hunt!

nature treasure hunt

Something to Remember

During the hunt, you might want to keep track of things you found. Please try to do that by taking pictures or making sketches. Although you can of course take a small twig or nut home with you, it is better not to disturb the environment too much. If everyone took a lot with them, that would leave the forest rather empty, wouldn’t it? So, if you want to have something visible to remember the hunt by, please stick with pictures, sketches, written descriptions etc.

Have fun on you nature treasure hunt!

sunday afternoon treasure hunt

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