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Use Natural Materials for a Festive Smelling Home

DIY: Use Natural Materials for a Festive Smelling Home

DIY Use Natural Materials for a Festive Smelling Home

Can you believe it is only three weeks till Christmas?! Time is going so fast! I was happily writing about autumn and all that, but suddenly it hit me. Christmas is already right around the corner! To let yourself know the festive season has started, make your home smell like Christmas with these natural materials.

A Branch of Greens

Fresh greens have amazing smells. Especially if you pick the right plants. For the optimal holiday spirit, try bringing some branches of fir or pine into your house. Some springs of holly could be very nice as well. Not only do these plants have a lovely smell, they will also make your home seem instantly Christmassy. Add a nice red ribbon around a bunch of pine branches and ready is your Christmas decoration!



It’s not really a natural material, but I couldn’t help myself adding this one. Baking is one of the major sources of delicious smells. You can whip up some cinnamon muffins or a spicy banana bread in just a couple of minutes. For the smell, almost anything with spices in it will work. Pop your creation in the oven, and before you know it, your whole house will smell of warmth, cosiness and festivities!


They are so easy to make! They look so cute! And they smell a – ma – zing!

Just one or two of these little things will fill your room with the smell of their delicious spicy freshness. Just take an orange or tangerine, decide on a pattern, and prick in cloves like it is a pincushion. Most times you will be able to enjoy your pomanders for months. Even when there is the occasional unlucky orange that does get mouldy after some time, you will at least be able to enjoy them for some weeks.

Oh, and after making them your hands will smell amazing, too! To be honest, no amount of soap can make the smell go away for about a day or two. But is that really a bad thing? I won’t be complaining, the smell is just so delicious!


They might not be ripe everywhere yet, but if you do happen to find a nice pinecone, take it with you and use it to decorate your home. They only have a faint smell, but do add a nice accent to the palate of smells you have created!

Do make sure they are dry, though. When first taken from the forest, it is best to let them dry on a piece of newspaper for some days. After that, you can use them as decoration wherever you want.


Have fun decorating your home and enjoy the delicious smells!

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