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End-of-summer veggie soup

What better meal on a Friday night, than a simple, nourishing veggie soup, right? Paired with a grilled goat’s cheese sandwich, this soup has all the nutrients you need. And it is just such comfort food!

I made this soup last night and it was just what I needed. I got back from the stables pretty late, so I wanted something quick and easy to make, but was craving something healthy as well.

Add to that the enormous amount of veggies I had in my fridge, that would have been rather hard to combine into a coherent meal otherwise, and this soup was born.

Veggie overload!

Veggie overload!

Note: I’m usually quite good at planning ahead with my grocery shopping, but now that my flatmate is on holiday, I have her share of our grocery subscription as well. That is just a bit much, even for me! So, nothing else to do but eat lots and lots of veggies. It’s a good thing you can stash a lot of them into a soup like this.


End-of-summer veggie soup (makes three large bowls)


  • 1 large carrot
  • Half of a large cauliflower
  • One zucchini
  • 200 grams of cooked lentils
  • A teaspoon of “Herbamare” herb seasoning
  • Optional: a pinch of pepper


  1. Peel and dice the carrot, rinse the cauliflower and break into smaller pieces
  2. Bring about two soup bowls of water to a boil in a medium sized pan.
  3. Add in the carrot and cauliflower, close the lid. After that, wash and dice the zucchini and add that to the pan too.
  4. Let the whole cook for a bit, until the carrot and cauliflower are getting soft. You can test it with a fork.
  5. When soft, take the pan off the heat and puree using a hand blender so that it has the right cosistency for you. I like my soup to still have some chunks in it, but that is up to you.
  6. Put the soup back on medium heat and add the lentils.
  7. Leave it to warm through, meanwhile adding seasoning. (Adjust it to your own taste, everybody has different preferences when it comes to salt and pepper)
  8. Divide over three bowls, and you’re done!
  9. Serve with grilled cheese sandwiches or toast for a hearty meal.


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  • Reply Sandra HippoLogic

    Mjom-mjom, ziet er heerlijk uit. Ik ben dol op maaltijdsoepen. Ook goed in te vriezen voor de dagen dat je weinig tijd hebt.

    25/09/16 at 17:58
    • Reply Inge

      Precies, daar zijn ze ideaal voor! Gewoon even opwarmen en je kunt eten.

      27/09/16 at 14:46

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