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Enjoy the Beautiful Colours of Autumn at Home

How to Enjoy the Beautiful Colours of Autumn at Home

A rainy morning and some colouring trees. That is all you need for a few moments of perfect bliss.

how to enjoy the beautiful colours of autumn at home

When going out this weekend, take some time to just look around and let all of the beautiful colours sink in. A yellow leaf with some raindrops on it, or a single bright red leaf in a sea of green, those are just wonders of nature, right?

And while you are at it, why not use one of these ideas to enjoy the beauty of autumn, even after you got back home?

Overwhelming Nature
Out in nature, the sheer excess of colours, smells and sights can be quite overwhelming. At the same time it is beautiful and enchanting. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to take home all of nature’s wonder. Or maybe that is for the better, so that it will remain a special place to come to rest.

A Token to Remember
What you can do, though, is take a very small token with you, to keep the memory of the outdoors alive. But, I do urge you to be modest, don’t take with you whole plants or bags of material! You wouldn’t want to throw the ecosystem off balance, right? Rather take only a few leaves or a handful of chestnuts.

dewy leaves

Drying Leaves

Plant cells are very tough, and therefore easy to preserve. Take a nicely looking leaf and dry it with a towel to get rid of excess water. Then carefully sandwich between two tissues and put between the pages of a heavy book. Leave it to dry for a couple of days and your leave will be prepared perfectly. Now you can use it for tons of decorative ideas. What about one of these?

  • A framed leave will make an elegant decoration to your room.
  • When plasticized, a collection of different leaves can be an original placemat.
  • Or how about using one or two dried and plasticized leaves to brighten up your mousemat?
  • You could even use them to give your shampoo-bottles a more rustic look. (A tutorial for that will follow soon!)

rainy leaf

Gathering Nuts

Who hasn’t collected chestnuts and acorns as a child? Somehow, as you get older, you stop doing that. And maybe there is a reason for that, and maybe it is more of a thing for children. But really, there is no need for you to completely stop recognising the appeal of gathering nuts. Here is how to retain your dignity, while gathering nuts as an adult:

  • Go looking for edible variants. So instead of collecting seeds of the horse chestnut (Aesculus), try to locate a tree of the edible sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa) species and gather a lovely autumn snack.
  • Take a notebook and some professional looking collecting box. That way other people will be tricked into thinking you are a scientist doing research. Nothing wrong with that, right? How dedicated of you to even collect samples on weekends!

leaves with raindrops

I hope you feel inspired to go out again this weekend and enjoy the beautiful colours of autumn, and maybe keep enjoying them at home!

What is your favourite autumn colour?

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  • Reply nothingprofound

    Overwhelmed is certainly the right word. Everywhere I turn the view is so stunning, the brilliant red, orange and yellow leaves pressed against a deep blue sky. I love slogging through the wet leaves on the ground and here and there picking up a random pinecone to take home with me.

    18/10/14 at 16:30
    • Reply Inge

      I completely agree with you!
      Putting on a pair of rubber boots for wading through the leaves, while enjoying all the beautiful sights, that’s total happiness!

      18/10/14 at 19:16

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