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Favourite Springtime Recipes

You just have to love spring. If only for its abundance of fresh fruits and veggies, right? Springtime dishes are so full of freshness and have such a subtle, spicy, delicious taste.

favourite springtime recipesThat’s what I think at least. Cooking with all of these fresh greens certainly makes me very happy and filled with positive energy. And I just know I’m not the only one. One of my flatmates, for instance, is exactly the same, being able to get all excited over a couple of veggies. So maybe you feel the same way, and if not, let these delicious recipes change your mind.

If you really want to impress a group of people, I think lasagne is the way to go. This version uses tons of veggies, and contains enough delicious cheese so that no one of your guests will complain of it being vegetarian. Trust me, this roasted vegetable lasagna with burrata will make your day!

For a quick, easy meal at home, I often go for a simple salad. This simple chickpea salad is delicious, nurturing and you can throw it together in only minutes.

chia puddingWith the cold and the rain right now in the Netherlands, you might not really feel like it, but it will get warmer some day. And this basil limeade is just perfect for those sudden, sunny days.

Have you already given chia seed pudding a try? I have to admit, I was a bit reluctant at first too, it just seemed so terribly alternative and hippy-like. But now I’m totally convinced, it is such a lovely, rewarding snack. And you can make tons of variations on this basic recipe. Like adding fresh fruits, cocoa powder, peanut butter, fruit preserves and whatever else you might fancy.

Creaminess, freshness, sweetness, and packed with nutrients, this banana berry overnight oats smoothie has it all! Eat it as a light, healthy breakfast, a snack during the day, or even as a dessert.

So simple, yet so tasty! This was one of my favourite salads during my board year, when I very often had to eat on the go. The salad stays nice and tasty, even if you carry it around for half a day before eating. In itself, the cranberry green bean salad can be a bit too light, so I usually add some chunks of goat’s cheese or brie to make it more filling.bowl of fruits

Who said healthy food can’t be creamy? This avocado pesto alfredo definitely proves the opposite. For the best result, make sure you use a very ripe avocado.

And finally, somehow I always crave curries in spring. Maybe it is because you can use so many veggies in them, or maybe it is the way they stay warm for a while, even if you eat outside, I don’t know. But either way, curries are great! You can of course experiment with all kinds of combinations, but with this spicy red lentil curry, you can’t go wrong.

Happy cooking and enjoy your day!

What is your favourite springtime recipe?

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