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A food-filled weekend

A weekend revolving almost completely around food, doesn’t that sound like heaven to you? I sure think it does. I have had such an amazing weekend!

On Saturday, I went to this food event with my parents. Although the organisation was definitely lacking in some places, the selection of vendors was great.

There were a couple of workshops, for which you could register at the entrance. I really wanted to do the food photography one, and luckily they still had a few spots left.


The workshop was organised by the people from Food Bandits and it was very interesting and useful. They explained a lot of things about food photography and styling that I had not thought of before, and they really inspired me to step up my (food) photography game.

(So hopefully you’ll see the photos on Pure Cottongrass improve in the near future!)

In the end, we got to quickly practise a bit with a pre-styled setup. I think it already looks rather posh, even though I took the picture in a bit of a hurry.


When the workshop was finished, I met up with my parents again. We talked a bit about the workshops we’d been to but then split up again to explore the market part of the event.


The market was not so much meant for sales, as for promotion of new products and brands. Many producers had samples on hand to taste and handed out information about their products. There were many interesting stalls, and I think everyone would be able to find something to his/her liking there.


I particularly liked a stall of a brand-new company selling delicious chocolate. The owner let me taste chocolate drops made from different cocoa species and different regions, and I was completely awe-struck with the differences in taste. Amazing! Silly enough, I did not take a picture of that stall, but you can find their website here: El Rey Chocolates.


After exploring the entire indoor market, drinking a cup of tea and buying some cheese and ready-made dough we went outside for the last bit of the market. One of the things promoted there were these amazing outdoor barbecue/brazier things. You can cook stuff on the metal plate around the fire, meanwhile enjoying the cosy crackling of the flames. It’s a pity I don’t have a garden big enough at the moment (or the financial means), but who knows, one day…


As the weather had turned incredibly nasty, we decided to go for a drink in the nearby coffee bar/food market, which was quite a find as well. The shop contained several market stalls, all being individual, trendy food businesses. I bought a delicious whole-wheat bread at one of them that just looked so pretty and tasty! (The bread, I mean, although the shop was rather good-looking as well)


After that, we drove to Amersfoort, where my parents would drop me off at the train station. But first we had a great meal at Humphrey’s. The food was delicious, and while there was very little choice for vegetarians, they were very kind and helpful in adjusting a dish for me. (No picture there either, I was too hungry and only remembered when my plate was almost empty…)

Anyway, I went home inspired, happy and packed with purchases and sample products.

On Sunday, the rain and wind had turned to a proper storm. So instead of training with Emily, I just put her out in the paddock, cleaned her stable and went home again. With the extra time left over, I decided to put some of my new inspiration to use immediately and started thinking up recipes.


One of the things I made was this delicious apple cake-thing. I’ll post the recipe later this week. (And then you can let me know what you think off my new photography style for food right away!)

For now, I hope you had a great weekend too and wish you a lovely Monday.


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