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Handy: Grocery Bags on your Legs

Or at least bees think so!


Have you ever noticed the big lumps bees sometimes have on their hind legs? You may have seen them in all kinds of different colours. These lobs are actually clumps of pollen, collected by the bee. The different colours are because some flowers have a different colour pollen.


bee 2

When a bee visits a flower for it’s nectar, it also picks up a lot of pollen. These pollen stick to the head and belly of the bee. Every now and then, the bee smooths its body clear and pushes the pollen into lumps on its legs. That way it can easily carry the pollen to hive, where it serves as food for the larvae.

I think it is quite a smart invention, don’t you?

What is the strangest colour pollen you have ever seen a bee carry?

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