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Healthy Snack Tips for Walking Trips

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So, you have packed everything for your trip. There’s only one tiny little thing that needs attention. What are you going to eat? Especially on more active trips, for example walking, cycling etcetera, you will need your fuel.

First, think about what meals you want to carry with you, and what you will buy along the road. Do you need just snacks? Or do you need to bring breakfast, lunch and maybe even dinner along?

For my upcoming walk, I considered this, and regarding the places I am going to stay and the towns I’m going to visit, I decided only to take snacks with me. I will take lunch for my first day. But after that, I will pick up meals wherever I happen to find them.

Thinking that most of you will probably tend to do the same, I will focus on healthy snacks right now. I have to add, these snacks are also great when you’re staying at home, or working, or whatever you are doing actually, they always make a nice snack!

trail mix

An all-time favourite and a very nutritious snack, is the old trail-mix. You can basically throw in whatever ingredients you happen to have at hand. As long as it contains some kind of nuts, and some kind of dried fruits, you will be ok. Do note that peanuts do not really count as nuts, so it’s better to opt for other nuts, for example almonds, cashews or walnuts. They contain lots of healthy fatty acids and other nutrients. Plus, this snack will keep for weeks, even months, without spoiling.

On my trip, I will also be taking with me a batch of “Banana Apricot Spelt Oatmeal Cookies” from Angela Liddon at OhSheGlows. They are highly nutritious and give you lots of energy to keep going. You can find the recipe here. In my batch, I used only 2/3 of the given amount of maple syrup and I used a real egg instead of chia seeds and water. And I baked them for about twenty minutes.

banana apricot spelt oatmeal cookies

And of course, I would never leave without some fruits in my backpack! At trips like this, I like to take fresh and green Granny Smiths with me. Not only do they make a perfectly refreshing snack, in my experience they are also a lot less sensitive to bruising than other fruits.

Do you need take fruit for a longer period of time? Then you can best go for dried apricots, they contain lots of vitamins, even in dried form!

camping food

That all packed, I think I’m ready for the trip!


What kind of snacks do you usually take when going on a trip?

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