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Apple Pie Granola

Home-Made Apple Pie Granola

Hmmm, the smell of warm spices lingers in the entire house!

home-made apple pie granola

I have to admit, this recipe does not actually include apples. I know the name is deceiving, but making this the smell always reminds me of freshly baked apple pie. That is why I named it “apple pie granola” anyway. I’m really sorry if you feel cheated. You could opt to add pieces of dried apple though, that would make a delicious combination I think. Or serve this granola with baked apple slices and yoghurt, that is just to die for!

Edit: Do not place the jar of granola on your desk, it has a tendency to disappear very quickly!

Baking Happiness
Making a fresh batch of home-made granola always does the trick to cheer me up. The delicious smells are just so good! And of course, everybody becomes happy from snacking some still warm granola clusters.

The recipe is a variation to the basic concept of granola, so feel free to omit or add any ingredients to your own taste. If you would like to include dried fruits in your granola, add those after baking and cooling the oats. Some good fruity options to add to this granola would be raisins or pieces of dried apple, apricot or banana.

apple pie granola

Home-Made Apple Pie Granola


  • 40 grams of rolled oats
  • 40 grams of buckwheat groats (see notes)
  • 1 heaping tablespoon rice syrup (or maple syrup, see notes)
  • ½ teaspoon of cinnamon (be generous!)
  • A pinch of nutmeg
  • A handful of chopped nuts (I used pecan nuts and almonds)
  • Extra add-ins (optional): Sunflower seeds, cocoa nibs, pumpkin seeds etcapple pie granola in jar

    1. Mix together oats, buckwheat, nuts and add-ins.
    2. Heat up a clean and dry skillet to medium heat.
    3. Pour oat-mixture in the pan. Let it warm and stir frequently, be very careful not to burn the oats!
    4. When the oats start to slightly brown and become fragrant, add spices. Keep stirring.
    5. If you think the whole has roasted almost enough, add rice syrup (or maple syrup) and get stirring immediately. It will go very fast now, so keep close attention!
    6. Stir the mixture for about one or two minutes, till it all has become a medium brown and starts to form crumbly clusters.
    7. Transfer the granola to a wooden cutting board and spread evenly. (But let it remain slightly clustered.)
    8. Let cool for about five to ten minutes, then use your hands to loosen the clusters from the wood and from each other. You are actually crumbling it up a bit. Then spread out again and leave till completely cooled.
    9. When cooled, transfer to a glass jar to store.


  • Buckwheat got a rather particular taste, if you do not like it that much, just sub it for more rolled oats.
  • Though Maple Syrup has a delicious taste and I love it very much, it is too expensive for me to use for everything I bake. That is why I opted for rice syrup in this recipe. If you can afford to use maple syrup, I highly recommend you do so!

Enjoy your delicious home-made apple pie granola!


What is your favourite recipe for granola?

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