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In Season Now: Sweet Peppers!

If you had to describe what “sunny” tastes like, would that include sweet peppers?

yellow sweet pepper

In my head it would! Although a sunny taste has a lot of ingredients, I think sweet peppers are definitely one of them! They are delicious and versatile, and very easily to produce locally.

So on to your local farmer and into the kitchen! Here are some ideas what to do with them.

In a salad, little chunks of pepper will add a nice crunch and a fresh taste. You do have to really like the taste of them when eating them raw, for they can be quite overwhelming. If you do like them, why not make a delicious corn salad? It will only take five minutes to prepare!

corn salad

For a more subtle flavour, I would recommend you cooking or baking the peppers. You can stuff them, for example, with other veggies, goats cheese, quinoa or minced meat. Top with a bit of grated parmesan, bake for about twenty minutes, and enjoy!

Random-fun-fact-did-you know

And of course they add a great taste to chili’s, stews and stir-fries! It’s all up to you!

Have you decided what to cook for dinner yet?


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