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It’s Earth Day!

its earth day

Have you already seen the nice Google-frontpage today? I think it is beautiful. But most of all, it draws attention to Earth Day, which is, surprise, today!

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Earth Day is a great moment to pay some extra attention to the environment. A moment to reflect on our daily lives, and the impact we have on the world around us. And if we do that, it soon becomes clear there is still a lot to be done. Because let’s not forget that without the plants and the insects, there would be no food, no oxygen even. Without the ozone layer, we would be boiled in minutes. Without any of the services provided by the environment, we would not even be alive.

With all our might, we try to ignore that fact. We do our very best to not see how depend we are of all the processes going on in nature. Or if we see their importance, we just make an effort to substitute them. Preferably with something more “efficient” and controllable. But how can we design a substitution for something we only understand such a small part of? The innumerable hidden processes in nature that we are not even aware of, how can we explain throwing those away? Not seeing their direct use right at this moment is no valid reason. Those processes have evolved over millions of years, eventually forming the best adaptation to a specific problem or environment. How can we be so arrogant to think we can do it better?

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I certainly agree that accepting the real importance of nature would ask for immense changes. We would have to change the way our industry works, the way we produce food, our entire way of thinking even! And no, that will not be easy. But it is not something we can avoid. If we go on like this, our whole society will collapse sooner or later. So we will have to turn things around while we still can.

How to do that? I wish I knew the answer to that. What I do know, though, is that we will all have to put in our fair share of effort. None of us will be able to fix this on our own, but that does not mean we can do nothing. Actually realising and admitting the problem is already the first big step. Let’s all please stop ignoring the problem, and start looking for solutions.

Every tiny little change in your daily routines helps creating a better world. So don’t be intimidated by the enormousness of the task. Step by step we will get there, so long as we all join in!


By the way, the google page of today also has a fun Earth-Day-themed quiz. I’m quite happy with my result, though I’m not so sure I ought to be…

earth day quiz




So, do you have any green resolutions for the coming year?

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    Ik heb weer wat bijgeleerd na het lezen van je blog. Ik wist niet dat er earth day bestond. Leuk artikel.

    23/04/15 at 16:38
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