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It’s Growing!

A tiny little plant baby! Am I crazy for thinking it is kind of cute? (Which doesn’t mean I’m not going to eat it in just a few more days, of course.)

It's growing 2

A couple of days ago I “planted” some cress seeds on my shining new growing glass. This is just after watering and putting out the seeds:

It's growing 3

And look at them now! My little babies!

It's growing 1

In only have to wait a little while more before I can eat them. Yum, delicious sandwiches with old cheese and cress, or on an omelette, or maybe in a salad! Patience is a hard thing!

But in the meantime they make my whole room smell amazing, that smell alone would be enough reason to grow them!

It's growing 4

You can grow cress on a small dish with moist cottonwool, or buy a fancy glass like mine. You can find glasses like that in some garden centres, at the Dutch store “Dille & Kamille”, or in several home decoration stores.

Happy growing!

What is your favourite recipe with cress?


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