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it's the little things

It’s the Little Things…

it's the little things

…that make a person truly happy. I found these little gems while walking around Trondheim city centre. They just got to make you smile, don’t they?

just grass

I’m not going to say a lot about them. I think those gorgeous little plants speak for themselves. They are a reminder of how very important it is to keep looking around for all the bits of green there are. Not only the breathtaking, big landscapes, but also the small plants on the sidewalk. They are just as important and amazing.

it's so green

green sprig

Wherever you are, there is always some nature to be found, however small it may be. And even a few sprigs of grass or a lump of moss can be beauty in itself. You just have to see it. As one of my favourite professors at university once said: “It’s not so much about learning all the plants by name, the important thing we want to teach you is how to look.” I think that is true, not only for biologists, but for everyone. You don’t have to know exactly what a thing is to appreciate it.

hello darling

brave little plant

Though I have to say, on the risk of sounding like a mad biologist, ohmygoody, just look at those liverworts! You can see the cups on the leafs, those contain balls of cells for asexual reproduction. Oh and yes, people were staring at me while I was taking these pictures. I kind of ignored the huge cathedral and was crouched over these little plants instead…


But overall, I strongly believe that you can appreciate the beauty and value of things, without actually knowing what it is. Especially when it comes to tiny bits of green like these. Just enjoy them!

What is your favourite bit of small nature?


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