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How to Make it Easier to go Outside in Winter

How to Make it Easier to go Outside in Winter

how to make it easier to go outside in winter

On a normal winter morning, it is quite tempting to put of your resolution to go outside that day. When your alarm rings and you can hear the wind and rain thundering around the house, you will not be the only one to decide the next day will be better for a hike. I know that dragging yourself outdoors during winter can be quite a challenge. But you can make it a bit easier!

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A Proper Start

Before going out, make sure your belly is filled and you feel good. In the morning, you can do that by treating yourself to a delicious breakfast. A nice, hot bowl of oatmeal or some slices of fresh and tasty bread will form an excellent source of energy to get you through the hike. After you have eaten well, you are bound to feel energetic and positive, ready to conquer the outdoors!

Everything at the Ready

Nothing is so off-putting as having to spend ages looking for your gear. If you can’t find your shoes/scarf/gloves, it is so very easy to blow the whole excursion off. But you can easily avoid that one little chore by assembling all your stuff together the day before. Better yet, create a storage space especially for your hiking gear. That way, before going out, you will never have to search for your stuff, but can just go out instantly.

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Tricked with a Treat

Now that you are completely ready to go outside, lure yourself into the cold by keeping your mind on a nice reward. You could promise yourself a delicious snack or warming drink during a break, for example. Or allow yourself to make a detour on the way back to get something nice to eat from your favourite shop.

Focus on the Positive

And most important of all, keep reminding yourself why you want to go out. Whether it is to get some exercise and become more fit, to explore new terrain, or if you just want to enjoy nature, don’t let yourself forget that. Avoid thinking up obstacles, and just do it. Keep your focus on the positive things. No second guessing, just a full enjoyment of the beauty of nature. If you do that, you will soon find that going out for a hike will be a lot easier. Even on those cold and dark mornings!

Have fun on your hikes!

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