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Monday Shorty: New Chickens

Hey guys! Officially it’s a Sunday today, but I’m doing a “Monday shorty” anyway, because I really wanted to share a short post about our new chickens. Meet our new chicks!

The few older chickens we still had, have unfortunately not survived the past winter, as well as our old, beloved rooster. Of course we still have the four chickens we bought new last year, but a few extra were nice to complete our little flock.

new rooster-min

So here they are, four new chickens and a rooster! They are not really chicks any more, though they are still quite small and make sounds somewhere between peeping and normal clucking. They are just lovely, adorable and quite pretty. (And already very adventurous too!)

new chicken-min

I’m sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, I hope to post some better ones soon when the chicks will be allowed to go outside along with our “old” chickens. But even in the dark and with awful lighting from the flash of my camera, aren’t they just adorable?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your day off and have a great week!

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