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Nature Survey Natuurmonumenten (Grote Natuurenquête)

Do you want to have a voice in Dutch nature management? This is your chance!


It’s a beautiful sunday morning, the perfect day to go outside! This time though, I’m asking you to spend  just a few more moments indoors, to fill out the survey of Natuurmonumenten.

The Dutch nature organisation Natuurmonumenten holds a survey among the Dutch population to improve their methods of nature conservation and interaction with the public. You might already have heard of the survey, or maybe you have even filled it in already, but here is just a little reminder. If you haven’t filled it in yet, you have till the 5th of October to do so!


Aim of the Survey
Our small country being overcrowded as it is, nature also has to endure its share of busy days. You can imagine how that causes problems, both for the visitors and for nature itself as well. Natuurmonumenten wants to make nature as enjoyable for everyone as possible, while still caring about nature’s value. To do so, they are holding a big survey among everyone who is in some way or other out and active in their nature reserves.

Everybody’s Opinion is Useful
Even when you are not a frequent visitor of their parks, it will still give Natuurmonumenten some more information to use when making new plans. So even when you only visit once or twice a year, your opinion is still valuable! It will only take you about twenty minutes, so what is holding you back?

You can find the survey on this page. 

natuurenquete 2

And after completing the survey, it’s off to the outdoors again, right?

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!



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