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Nature Through a Train Window

nature through a train window

Sitting on a train is one of those moments when you can allow yourself to just do nothing. Sitting back, staring out of the window and letting your thoughts run loose, just relaxing. And often you get to enjoy some beautiful nature along the way as well!

train nature 4

Got to love train travelling
I am a big fan of travelling by train. It’s easy, relaxing and you often see the most interesting things. Not only can the other travellers be a source of amusement, the scenery out of the window is also something to pay attention to. Watching the landscape go by, maybe you can spot gradual changes in the scenery or notice rare species standing along the tracks.

train snacks

train nature 3

Urban view, or nature?
Some areas are more exciting to look at than others. There is no getting around that. If I had to choose between a train ride through an urban area versus a trip through a nature reserve, I know what I would choose.
(But even in those grey, stone-filled urban areas you can find things to look at. Try if you can find at least some bits of green, or other growing things. Or maybe you can think about ways to implement some nature in an area like that. That way you can think up your own nature through the train window.)

train nature 2

But, as I said, seeing gorgeous nature through your train window is definitely a better view. That is what I loved about my train ride from Trondheim to Oslo (and back) this weekend. It had a lovely route right along the Dovrefjell, Rondane and the Jotunheimen, all amazing mountainous areas in Norway. With big parts of the mountains still covered in thick, sparkling snow, rivers and lakes still frozen and all of the trees still in winter rest, it made an enchanting fairytale landscape. And with the train going up as high as 1016 metres above sea level, it really gave a feeling of escaping into nature.

train to hjerkin

Getting on lower terrain again, the snow slowly disappeared from the outside view. But what did remain was beautiful nature and lovely small villages. I just love the Norwegian landscape. And I have never known a seven hour train ride could go by so fast!

So, if you ever have the opportunity to take the train from Trondheim to Oslo (or any of the stops along the route), I would definitely advise you to take it!

train nature 1


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  • Reply Wandering Justin

    Rail travel in Europe is also so nice. I love being able to get to so many places on a clean, modern train (very rare in the US, especially the western part of the country).

    By the way, I saw a movie a few years ago about a Norwegian train engineer – it’s called O’Horten. One of my favorite parts of it aside from the acting was all the great landscape shots of Norway in the winter. Amazing!

    25/03/15 at 16:19
    • Reply Inge

      Really, is there such a big difference? And thanks for the film tip, I think I might go and watch it over the Easter holiday. :)

      25/03/15 at 16:54
      • Reply Wandering Justin

        It’s a huge difference. The eastern cities are packed much closer together. In the West, bigger cities are hundreds of miles apart. Let me know how you like the movie!

        26/03/15 at 06:52
  • Reply Tamara

    I love to just sit in the train and watch trough the window. Did it yesterday and was just surprised by the amount of people staring at their little phone screens. Such a shame, there is such beauty outside!

    25/03/15 at 15:15
    • Reply Inge

      Indeed, it’s such a pity people don’t take the time to enjoy the scenery outside. But well, at least some people like us are enjoying the sight. :D

      25/03/15 at 15:53

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