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Nine Refreshing Nature-Themed Books

On warm summer days, there is nothing more comforting than lazing around with a good book. Here are nine luscious reads that will let you enjoy the beauty of nature:

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1. Remarkable Creatures, Tracy Chevalier

remarkable creatures

An amazing and beautifully written story about the coasts and fossils around Lime Regis, seen through the eyes of Mary Anning and Elizabeth Philpot. The story tells us about the obstacles the two women face as they make discoveries and try to get into the scientific world dominated by men.


2. Watership Down, Richard Adams

watership down

It may originally be a children’s book, but this compelling story about a group of rabbits facing grave trouble is a must-read for everyone.


3. Duncton Wood, William Horwood

duncton wood

A story about moles in the English countryside. Written so enthralling, it will certainly grip you till the very last page.


4. Shadows on the Rock, Willa Cather

shadows on the rock

Set in seventeenth-century Quebec, this novel is a tale of the world a little girl sees as home. While the settlers are trying to adapt to their new environment, we follow twelve-year-old Cécile for a year. A beautiful story that doesn’t cease to fill you with wonder.


5. Paradise Fields, Katie Fforde

paradise fields

A bit of a lighter read. In this book, Katie Fforde introduces us to Nel. A woman busy with a farmers market, a daughter and a house full of animals. The story might be a tad predictable, but sometimes that is just what you need.


6. One girl and her Dogs: Life, Love and Lambing in the Middle of Nowhere, Emma Gray

one girl and her dogs

A change of scenery can be just what you need, at least for Emma Gray it was. This novel tells us of her escape to the countryside and of the sheepdogs that became her closest friends.


7. The Species Seekers: Heroes, Fools, and the Mad Pursuit of Life on Earth, Richard Conniff

the species seekers

Nowadays, there are thousands, no, millions of recognized animal and plant species, more being added every day. But who were the first to discriminate different species? What problems did they have to face? This book is their story.


8. The Morville Hours: The Story of a Garden, Katherine Swift

the morville hours

Not just ‘a’ story, about ‘a’ garden, but the history of an amazing garden over thousands of years. It doesn’t only tell us about herbs and trees, it’s also an essay about finding one’s place in the world.


9. Country Loving, Cathy Woodman

country loving

Another simple read set in the countryside. A city girl, a trip to the rundown farm of her family and a growing romance, can you already guess the ending? A cozy read that’s perfect for a moment of relaxing.


Enjoy your reading!

What is your favourite book to read in summer?

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