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Rain, rain!

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Warm and sunny as it has been most of the summer, the past week was the opposite. Grey, rainy and a lot cooler. It’s actually a nice break from the all the summery stuff.

rainy sea

I’m not going to lie, I complain about the weather sometimes too. You know, when you plan to do something and then get stopped by a huge downpour. That can be totally annoying. (And don’t even get me started on the meadow of the horses right now. Or should I say, their mud bath?)

But once you get round to accepting that you can’t change the weather, these rainy days are not so bad really. They offer some relief from the heat, water the plants and give you the chance to curl up inside for a bit. You know, those days when it’s not really cold, but you can still enjoy a nice mug of tea and it’s totally okay to cuddle up under a blanket to watch a movie or read a cosy book. Don’t you love those days?

I think rainy days like that are secretly quite amazing. And yes, I still think that, even after I got completely soaked on my walk to the market this morning. (Hurray for dry clothes at home!)


That said, I do hope the weather will clear a bit tomorrow, when I’ll be starting on a small three-day walking holiday. But we’ll see. Any way it goes, I intend to enjoy every moment of it, rain or sunshine. And pictures of my walk will follow on Monday!

Have a great evening and enjoy the rest of the rainy days!

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  • Reply Tamara

    Well I do love this weather! It’s cosy, cold and rainy outside, on the couch watching a movie or reading a book with a cup of tea. If I do my best I can hear the Christmas music already :-D

    29/07/15 at 19:30
    • Reply Inge

      That’s great to hear! And you’re totally right, although I’m still missing the Christmas music, but that might come now you’ve mentioned it. ;)

      30/07/15 at 07:54

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