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Raindrops on a racetrack

Rainy Couple of Days (New Camera!)

Over the past week or so, I would say we have seen quite a lot of rain around here. Days with constant drizzle, alternated by days with sunshine and mean little downpours. I’d say it’s a proper August in the Netherlands!

Raindrops on a racetrack

But, apart from loving the after-rain feeling, I have something to smile about! I bought a new camera! Yay! Finally!

Crying grapes


No more mobile-phone-camera-pictures with bad quality. No, from now on I will deliver nature in all it’s Full HD to you!

With help from one of my very best friends, who is also a talented photographer, I decided to buy a Samsung WB35F. For those of you who, like me, don’t know a lot about camera’s, I can tell you it is bright red and very fancy looking! (Plus, the colour matches with my laptop!) And of course, as a camera, it does a pretty good job as well!

Little butterfly

Well, anyway, to practise a bit, I took some after-rain pictures. If you have any tips or tricks about photography, I would love to hear them!

lady's mantle with raindrops



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  • Reply nothingprofound

    Wonderful pictures! Your career as a nature photographer is off to a flying start.

    26/08/14 at 20:35
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