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organising tea

Ready for Autumn

organising tea

Is it strange to be looking forward to autumn already? I mean, I know it is still very much summer. But somehow I feel it is okay for autumn to arrive, I am ready for it. Looking forward to it even.

Summer is great, don’t get me wrong. It is nice and warm, easy to be outside, and so on. But then autumn has its advantages too. And it’s always the changing of the seasons that fills me with so much energy. Kind of like a new beginning, every time again.


Rain, rain, rain...

Rain, rain, rain…

Last night, for example. It had been a slightly rainy day, but still rather warm. In the evening I went for a nice walk just around dusk. While I was walking along a narrow lane lined with big aspen trees, the wind suddenly became very strong. With the trees swishing in the wind and it getting darker by the minute, I got swept up in a longing for those cosy autumn evenings. Those evenings when you cycle home at around five and every house you pass emits a soft light from its windows. When you know that even though it is raining, there is a warm home waiting for you too. Evenings when the wind and rain are battering on your windows. Or evenings when you are still outside, and relish the freshness in the air. Those evenings. You know what I mean, right?

Maybe to me, autumn is mostly about having a cosy home. A place that will make you feel warm and welcomed. But it is also about braving the elements. Going outside in harsh weather, and somehow even enjoying how refreshed it will make you feel. Filling your lungs with the scent of fallen leaves and rain and mushrooms. And it all just makes me feel so happy.

newly potted lettuce

The wind and cold are still some weeks away. So for now, I started by making sure I have a cosy home. This is the perfect time for that, and it’s such fun to do! You won’t need loads of time or money, just a bit of energy and a hint of creativity. And before you’ll know it, you will feel the autumn energy bubbling up inside you.

I started off by doing a vigorous round of cleaning. Also because I only just moved back in my own place again and felt the need to kind of scrub out my subrenter. Not in an OCD kind of way, but more as a means to claim it back as my own.

After that, I could spend some time on making it nice again. My furniture and small stuff is all in place already, but somehow you could feel it had not really been lived in again. So I went to organise my teas, sow some lettuce and find a nice cup for a new scented candle.


In case your wondering, I don’t suddenly have a garden where I can sow lettuce. Oh, I wish I had! But I do have a nice, tiny crate to grow veggies and herbs in. It’s only about 15 x 20 cm, but hey, it’s something!

And when all the “hard” work is done, what else to do than relax and enjoy the improvements? With a cup of tea and a bowl of rice porridge, of course!

tea and porridge

Yes, that is a book called September. Fitting, don’t you think? I’m only halfway through, but I’d definitely recommend it to you!

Are you looking forward to autumn yet?

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  • Reply Nailfinity

    I LOVE autumn, the most beautiful season of the year. I like it when it’s cold and raining outside and inside it’s cozy with candles, blankets, books and good tea.

    26/08/15 at 11:46
  • Reply Tamara

    I can´t wait for Autumn to start, Summer is lovely indeed but I´m ready for the nice curling up on the sofa, with a tea, a good book, cat around. Finally a legit reason to spend time inside, cause in the summer everybody expects you to always be outside.

    26/08/15 at 11:06
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