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rock garden in the road 4

Rock Garden in the Road

Although badly maintained roads can be quite annoying, they have their upsides as well. Look at this small “rock garden” for example, it’s rather charming, don’t you think? It wouldn’t have been there if the road had been a perfectly smooth sea of asphalt.

rock garden in the road 4

Of course, on very busy roads, it’s impossible for any plants to grow, not to mention the fact that a bad road can in some situations become dangerous. But on smaller roads, on the countryside, but also in cities, it’s not so much of a problem. It is there that you can look for strong little plants like these.

rock garden in the road 1

If a road is badly kept anyway, one can better enjoy the positive things about it than be angry and annoyed, right? So next time you hobble along a crumbled road, take a minute to look for small green frontiers, who knows what beauties you will find!

rock garden in the road 3


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