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How to Stay Safe When Going Outside in the Dark

How To Stay Safe When Going Outside In The Dark

how to go out in the dark savely

To enjoy nature during the week, you often have to fit it around work and school. Which means going out in the evenings becomes a very real option. Right now, the days are still short, so you might have to go out in the dark. If you do, make sure you are safe!

shed in the night

Visible for Others

When walking or cycling outside in the dark, you might not realise just how invisible you are for others. Especially people in cars easily overlook such a small, dark form. It is therefore very important to make sure you are noticed. You can do that by having a very light coloured jacket, that will help already. But better still is to have some sort of reflectors or lights on you. For cyclists it’s required to have those, but it would be wise to wear them while walking as well. If you go walking, you could strap some reflectors around your arms or legs, for example.

Light the Way

It is not only important to be seen. Being able to see for yourself is also quite handy. In an urban environment, streetlights and lights from houses might be enough to find your way. But if you go out in a more rural area, there might not be so much excess light. In that case, please take a torch with you. A simple, lightweight torch could help to prevent you stumbling over something or getting lost.

starry night

Mobile Reception

Also remember to always take your mobile phone with you. I would recommend you to do that every time you go out into nature, but especially when it’s dark. Not only will you be able to contact someone in case you need help, it will also help rescuers find you, if it comes that far. Let’s hope it will never be needed, but if you don’t return and a search party sets out, they use your mobile phone data to locate you. Even when you have fallen in a lake and your phone has already drowned, its last signal can be enough to help the police find you. So, let’s hope it will never come so far, but just in case, take your mobile phone with you.

Keep in Touch

If you just go for a small stroll around the block, than this won’t be necessary. But if you decide to set out for a longer trip, let others know where you are going. If something does go wrong, then at least someone will know where you were headed. That way it will also probably be discovered earlier when you don’t return.

city at night

But Stay Positive!

Okay, I do realise all of this sounds a bit scary. I really hope I have not scared you into staying at home instead, because I would really like to encourage you to go out into nature. Even if that has to be after sunset. But if you do go out in the dark, this way you will be as save as you can be.

Have fun on you nightly wanderings!

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