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Seasonal Eating in April

seasonal eating in april

Now that it’s April, seasonal eating will get a lot more fun again. As spring is really arriving, more and more fresh greens will be ready to eat. Leafy vegetables will be the first to appear again. Here are some tips for seasonal eating in April.


Oh, delicious, leafy greens. Haven’t you missed them during winter? Now we can eat luscious salads with local lettuce again. And bowls of fresh spinach. Or maybe you could go very fancy and add some leaves of watercress to a dish. One of my favourite salads of the moment is with fresh spinach, some sundried tomatoes (or real ones, but that would not be completely seasonal…), feta cheese and a honey-balsamic dressing. Just delicious!

green apples april seasonal eating

Complement your dishes with some veggies that already were in season last month, and you will have a complete, seasonal meal. Try adding some endive, cauliflower, broccoli or carrot, for example.

And when the weather is not so sunny and spring-like yet, there are still enough options for a hearty, warming dish with seasonal veggies. If you use potatoes, turnips, beans and onions, I’m sure you can cook up a delicious casserole or stew. Cooking some beans, putting them in a baking dish with some mashed potatoes and cheese on top and baking that in the oven for half an hour, that would keep you well fed, I would think!

apples seasonal eating april

Amidst all that new, green freshness, don’t forget to take one last bite of some winter vegetables. This is your last chance to eat some local leek, beet or chicory. In just a few weeks, they will not be available any more and you might have to wait until fall before they will be in season again.

Oh, and then there is still one of those difficult cases. Is rhubarb actually a vegetable or a fruit? Officially it grows like a veggie, but then we eat it sweetened like a fruit… Anyway, it is in season again. So cook it up, add some sweetener and enjoy this deliciously strange plant. You could eat it plain with some cream or yoghurt (after cooking and sweetening of course), or use it in a crumble. Either way, the result will be mouth-watering!

Enjoy your seasonal cooking!

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  • Reply Conchita

    Ik vroeg mij altijd al af of rabarber tot de groente- of fruitsoorten behoorden. Leuk dat jij benoemd dat het officieel een groente is. Nu is het mysterie eindelijk opgelost

    06/04/15 at 23:40
    • Reply Inge

      Ja, officieel groeit het als een groente, maar door hoe we het eten wordt het echt zo’n twijfelgeval. :)

      07/04/15 at 08:25

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