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Six Week Walking Challenge: Week Five

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Can you believe it? Week five is already here! I’m sure you can feel a difference in your body already. Do you feel stronger than when you started? This week, we will pay attention to a different aspect of walking.

forest path

Getting fit and strong is one thing, but there is more to walking than that. It’s not only your body that gets healthier. Your mind gains a lot from your regular walks as well. In the past few weeks, the walks have gradually asked more and more from your body. This week, we will stick to the level of last week, but focus on the mental aspect of walking instead.

Why would we spend time thinking about how walking influences your brain? Isn’t it just about the physical exercise? Well, it could be. But that would get a bit boring after a while, wouldn’t it? And it would be a shame, since walking is so good for your mental health as well! The fresh air and exercise stimulate your brain. But not only that. While you are walking, you have the opportunity to really take in your surroundings. If you train yourself to look around during your walks, you might start to see a whole world you never noticed before. And that, in turn, sparks your creativity.

When I feel a bit down, I always go for a walk. Usually after only one or two kilometres I will already feel happy, motivated and inspired again. By the time I get home, I’m usually bubbling over with ideas. So at least for me, it really works, and I hope you will experience the same.


See how many colours these small leaves have? Isn't it beautiful?

See how many colours these small leaves have? Isn’t it beautiful?

Ok, so how to “start looking”? The key to learning yourself a new, more open way to look at the world, is, oddly enough, to start with very specific assignments. This week, I will provide you with them. After that, it’s up to you to come up with fun, interesting subject to look at during your walks. When you feel it is going well, you can gradually make the assignments more broad. All up till the point where you don’t need them any more. (But sometimes it is nice to bring them up again. I still give myself a theme to look at during a walk every now and then.)

Walk nr. What? How Long?
1. Let’s start with a theme that can be used in any setting, rural or city. During this walk, pay attention to all forms of stone. That can also include bricks, roads and of course natural stones. What different types do you see? 3 km
2. Since it is spring, there is lots of colour all around. Pick one, you are free to choose! Now try to spot as many different things in this colour as possible. 4 km
3. Who knew shadows could be so intriguing? Pay extra attention to them on this walk, can you find any interesting forms? 4 km
4. This weekend walk, we are taking observing one step further. You are free to choose one sense to focus on during your walk. Everyone reacts in different degrees to their different senses. Maybe you are very sensitive to smell, or to sound? Pick whichever sense affects you a lot. During your walk, use it to gather information about your surroundings. Can you smell strange things? Do you feel the wind? 7 km (You can take some stops along the way to focus on your senses, and to catch your breath.)

I hope you will enjoy your walking! Have fun!

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