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Six Week Walking Challenge: Week Four

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How did the longer distances go last week? Have you surprised yourself with what you can do? Keep up that good spirit and let’s get started on next week’s challenge.


Spring has arrived in Trondheim! This was during one of my walks last week.

Spring has arrived in Trondheim! This was during one of my walks last week.

With Ups and Downs

The challenge of this week might be easier for some than for other. Not because of physical limits, but purely regarding to your environment. Because, we are going to walk with height differences. If you live in a quite mountainous area, you might have to face hills every time you go for a walk. But if you live in a very flat area instead, like the Netherlands, you will have to go in search for some hills that will do. (Or artificially created slopes.)

Why Slopes?

Going up and down hills will increase the effectiveness of your training. You will make your muscles work harder, and also use some other muscles than with normal walking. For an even bigger effectiveness, try walking uphill with a brisk pace, while going down a bit slower. Don’t just let yourself be pulled along the slope but really finish each step, keeping total control over your speed. I bet you will feel that in your legs!

Advanced Walkers

I know I already told you to walk some extra slopes last week. This week you can build on that. Furthermore do I want you to stop a couple of times on every slope. Whether you are going up or down, just stop for a few times somewhere along the hill. You will feel that getting going again is more demanding when going uphill, while the actual stopping is a bit tough walking downhill. But don’t use the stops to rest, just stop and immediately start walking again.

blossoming trees

The Walks for This Week

Walk nr. What? How Long?
1. Feeling the change. Just take it easy. Pick one slope that you are going to incorporate in your walk, and walk both up and down. 3 km (with a break in halfway through, if needed)
2. Find your pace again. You have experimented with different step lengths and speeds already on flat surfaces, now I want you to do the same for slopes. See if you can find your ideal pace both up- and downhill. 3.5 km (with one or two breaks, if needed)
3. No resting! Try to take a hill up ánd down, all without resting along the way. You can do it! 3 km
4. Finding mountains. For the weekend, see if you can find a nature area with lots of slopes, or one bigger hill. Take a longer walk. (with multiple breaks if you need to rest along the route.) Realise how amazing you feel after you have conquered a “mountain”! 6 – 7 km

Enjoy your walks!

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