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Six Week Walking Challenge: Week Three

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It’s week three already! Time is going so fast, after this week we are already halfway through. Do you feel like you are getting the hang of walking? I bet you do. So let’s make the distances a bit longer. Are you ready?


With a bit of training, you might be walking here next summer. Feeling motivated already?

With a bit of training, you might be walking here next summer. Feeling motivated already?

Measuring Distance

From one of my readers, I got the question how to measure the distances. When walking along a lot of winding, maze-like routes, it can be hard to estimate the distance with a regular map. I personally like to use google maps to calculate walking distances. Set you’re home (or wherever you’re walking from) as starting address and your neigbours’ address as end of the route. Now ask for a route description, but use the “via” option to add a point you will cross on your walk. (Don’t forget to click on the icon for walking) Google will then calculate the shortest route. If that is a different path than the one you are going to take, you can just use your mouse to drag the dotted line to the right place. If you have google showing your route, you can read the exact distance in the frame on the left. Easy, right?

Help, longer distances?!

Longer distances might sound a bit intimidating. They are not as scary as they sound, though. I am not going to make you walk for days on end. But by adding a bit of distance here and there, you will get fitter and stronger with every walk. If you really are struggling with the length of the walks, feel free to take some extra breaks. Or reduce the distance if it really is too much for you. Don’t give in too easily, though. See how far you can get, you might surprise yourself!

Advanced Walkers

As for the more advanced walkers, you can add even more distance, of course. But I would also like you to take less breaks. Walking longer stretches on end really does wonders for your stamina.


Walk nr. What? How Long?
1. Let’s get an easy start. Just normal walking at your optimal pace. Can you keep that pace all the way to the end? 4 km (Split into two or three parts, with ten minutes break in between.)
2. Take a piece of paper with you. I want you to score your energy level during this walk. After every kilometre, evaluate how you feel and write that down. Be honest, do you really feel tired, or do you just think you have to feel that way? 4 km (Take a very short stop to write your energy down every kilometre, but only really rest halfway on your route.)
3. Pick your own breaks. Take a look at the evaluation from the last walk. When did you start to get really tired? Now add 0.2 km to that, and that will be your moment to take a rest. (Or multiple, if needed) 4.5 km
4. Weekend walking! Yes, a long walk this time. Enjoy the weather, the nature, the fresh air, hmm, you don’t even notice you only got one break during this walk! 7 km

Have fun on your walks again!

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  • Reply Sandra HippoLogic

    Nice. I haven’t walked for a while but I have planned a beautiful walk around a nearby lake. It’s 5 km, I know I can do this easily.

    08/05/15 at 17:11
    • Reply Inge

      Sounds good, have fun on your walk! :)

      09/05/15 at 13:41

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