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snow to rain

Snow to Rain

snow to rain

The weather in Trondheim still takes some getting used to. The snow-to-rain phenomenon, as I call it, for example.

storm coming

Dark skies: a storm is coming!

Snow-to-Rain phenomenon
We have had this a couple of times now since my arrival. It basically means that you wake up in the morning to see fresh snow on the ground, and it is still snowing. All morning long, snow will keep falling and an impressive layer of a twenty or thirty centimetres of snow is built. Then during the afternoon, it suddenly starts raining, and before the day is over, all the snow is gone again.

A Sad Sight

Somehow, I have some trouble coping with this kind of change in the weather. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to it, but snow makes me really happy. And to see it reduced to a grey slurry so quickly is just a really sad thing to see. It’s like waking up in a fairytale movie, only to see it suddenly turn into a news broadcast. From magical to just plain.

grasses under the snow

Not all Bad

But there are positive sides to it as well! As long as it doesn’t start to freeze, the rain washes everything nice and clean. That way you are actually able to walk normally, see the steps of stairs and take your bike instead of walking. Oh, and walking with a wheelbarrow becomes lots easier too!

There is Green!

Maybe the biggest advantage of the rain, is that it reveals green from under the snow. The trees may be still bare, but there is green to be seen on the ground. Patches of grass and mosses, sometimes even small, hardy plants, they all emerge suddenly. They are really freed by the rain. And that is something to make you smile again, isn’t it?

So, when you feel sad about the rain washing away the snow, just take a look around at the sudden abundance of green!

hidden grass

Do you see the little bit of green already emerging on the left?


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  • Reply Wandering Justin

    This is always the sad part of winter … seeing the snow melt away and start turning to gray slush. It’s exactly the opposite of that incredible stillness in the air during the first snow.

    Of course, I rarely get to see either one living in a desert. But my first few years, I lived in a snowy place. I still remember the first snows from those days.

    22/02/15 at 03:37
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