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Spring, where are you?

spring where are you

Spring oh spring, where art thou? Sometimes it seems as if spring will never find its way up North. Some moments I feel like it is really coming close. But then the next day, I find myself walking through the snow again. Don’t get me wrong, I like winter a lot. But now, after all these months, I just long for a bit of sunlight and warmth.

where is spring

I really like winter. I do. The snow, the cold, the joy of getting home, of cosing up with a cup of tea. I love it! All through the first months in Trondheim, I was overjoyed with the white world. My boss at the stables kept mocking my enthusiasm. Over and over again. Every time I would be ploughing a wheelbarrow through the thick, white blanket, she would be standing there, asking me if I still liked the snow. And every time my answer would be a beaming “yes!”. No problem that it was a bit cold, I could warm up again. No problem that I looked like a yeti, instead of a stablehand, I could brush it off. It was worth it. And anyway, it would be spring soon enough.

Or so I thought. When March arrived, we had some warmer days. “Good” I thought, “now on to the sunny part of the year”. I knew there could be a few cold days left, but they would soon enough pass. It was March already, right? That officially is spring, according to the meteorologists. Problem is, Trondheim does not know that, apparently. When by the end of the month a thick layer of snow covered the ground again, it was clearly not spring.

Easter then, that is a good turning point. A celebration of returning to life, the nature would have to cooperate with that, right? Right? Well, if I say I was riding a horse through a gorgeous snow-covered forest the day before Easter, does that say enough?

julius hack

My view during the Easter weekend.

And here we are, the end of April. Spring? Does that even exist around here? I’m not so sure anymore. Only last week, my friends back home in the Netherlands were barbecuing with temperatures above twenty degrees Celsius. What I was doing at that time? Carting a wheelbarrow through the snow. And this time, when my boss asked me about the snow, I completely agreed with her: “Ugh, bloody snow!”

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  • Reply Nailfinity

    The environment is so gorgeous there!! I’d love to go there one day!

    27/04/15 at 11:30
    • Reply Inge

      It is beautiful here! Even after being here for months, it still keeps amazing me. So, yes, you should definitely go to Norway when get the opportunity!

      27/04/15 at 18:47

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