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  • warming plum oatmeal

    Warming Plum Oatmeal

    So, yesterday was the Food Film Festival, and it was quite a success. Despite the rainy, stormy weather, lots of…

    / september 17, 2015
  • What to Eat in March

    What to Eat in March

    Whooh, spring is coming! It might still be cold outside, but before you know it, our plates will be filled…

    / maart 2, 2015
  • What to Eat in January

    What to Eat in January

    January is already here, the holidays are over, time to get back to normal life. Lucky for us there are…

    / januari 2, 2015
  • Honey and Cranberry Muffins

    Honey and Cranberry Muffins

    What says Christmas more than cranberries and spices? Well, ok, there might be some other rather Christmassy things. But these…

    / december 12, 2014
  • What to Eat in December

    What to Eat in December

    Oh how I love winter! I’m writing this on an evening while the wind and rain are howling outside. My…

    / december 1, 2014
  • Cranberry Pear Compote

    Cranberry Pear Compote

    Last Saturday, I wrote that you can find berries almost everywhere right now. But they are not even restricted to…

    / november 24, 2014