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The Many Uses of Grain Coffee

I think I might have a new favourite wintery drink. Of course I’m not going to abandon my beloved tea, but grain coffee is a nice addition. And you can use it for much more than just drinking.

Until only about a year ago, I was never such a big fan of grain coffee. It was not that I really disliked it. Just that I did not find it particularly interesting. So I never really gave it a chance. But lately my opinion has changed completely. Now I use it for so many things!

For those of you who are not acquainted with the phenomenon of grain coffee. It’s basically instant coffee, but then without actual coffee. Instead it is made entirely of grains (and maybe some acorns and figs, depending on the brand). Therefore it does not have the effect on your body that coffee has, with its caffeine. But it does taste a lot like it, without some of the bitterness, and makes for a lovely, warming drink. As it has a bit more “body” than tea does, I find it sometimes just suits me better. You can also mix it into your hot cocoa, for a delicious drink packed with flavour.


So, the main use of the grain coffee is of course to be a nice hot drink. Which it is. Totally! It is a great drink to make after coming home, feeling all cold and shivery. But then, you already knew about that way to use it.

Another use is to put some powdered grain coffee in your oatmeal. I find it often gives a bit of an edge to your breakfast. If you just add a small teaspoon to a bowl of banana or chocolate porridge, it will add lots of depth to the flavour. You won’t even taste the coffee that strong, but you will taste the difference. Nothing shocking, but I’m sure you will like the change. Just try it!


The same goes for cookies, really. If you are baking (chocolate) cookies, try adding a bit of grain coffee for once. The cookies will taste a bit more… How do you say that? Like the way nuts change taste after they are roasted, you know that? That kind of taste will be in your cookies, but only just a hint. I really like that, especially now in autumn. It’s one of those warm flavours that belong to cold nights and windy evenings and cosing up inside.

Oh, and maybe brownies with grain coffee would be a success too. I will have to try that soon, and I will let you know then. Or if any of you has tried it, please let me know!

Anyway, there are tons of ways to involve grain coffee in your drinks, bakings and other cookery stuff. What is your favourite?

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    Grapppig ik heb er nog nooit van gehoord

    14/10/15 at 14:09
    • Reply Inge

      Niet? Toch eens proberen hoor! Je kunt het bij de meeste bio-winkels en reformhuizen enzo wel krijgen. :)

      16/10/15 at 08:50

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