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reading a book

The Remedy for Off-Days in Autumn

reading a book

I’m sorry I have been so quiet lately. It was just so busy, and I wasn’t feeling all that well… I’m guessing a lot of you experience that drop in energy when autumn starts. Nothing to worry about, but it might be good to take a step back.

Do you know what I’m talking about? That somehow everybody seems to get a little ill at the start of autumn. Not really the kind of illness that keeps you tied up in bed, but a small cold, or a tiny fever. Just so that it gets your energy levels low and drains all inspiration and creativity from your head. That kind of ill. I’m sure you know it now.

Tea always helps!

Tea always helps! (And do you see my amazing, beautiful new diary? It arrived over the post just the other day and I’m completely smitten!)

I always fight it a bit in the beginning, ignoring that I’m not a hundred percent fit. But that only makes it stretch out longer. So really the best thing to do is to recognise you are feeling a bit off, and accepting that. Sure, you can still do some work. But treat yourself to enough time to relax too. That way, you will be happy and bouncy again that much quicker.

Most important is to reduce the amount of physical exercise you do. It’s okay to do a little less sports for a week, you can pick it up soon enough. Apart from that, support your body with nourishing, autumnal foods. Even when you don’t feel like cooking. Making a nice, hearty soup is hardly more work than baking a frozen pizza. And if you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, promise yourself an easy, warming bowl of apple pie porridge. That will definitely do the trick!

Home-made cookies are a very good medicine too

Home-made cookies are a very good medicine too

As for taking enough rest, that can be quite easy too. You will see that once you allow yourself to be “ill”, you can succumb to it more easily, take your much needed rest, and recover in a matter of days. I would say that is a hundred times better than walking around like a zombie for weeks, right?

And sometimes, it’s just so nice to take a day, or morning, or evening off. Gather a supply of books, magazines, crossword puzzles and feel-good movies, bake some cookies, brew a pot of tea, and claim the moment for yourself. I’m sure you will feel better the next day already!

books and puzzles

Yup, that is how I spent my evening last night. It was lovely!

Do you suffer from such an autumn-dip too?

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