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The Smell of the Countryside

I might sound crazy, but I kind of love the smell of just ploughed fields. It’s not really nature and all that, I know. But it has something special about it.

smell of the countryside lookout

Walking around at this time of year, you will have a big chance of coming across a ploughed field. There might have been oats, grasses or corn on it earlier in the year, but now the soil has been tumbled around, leaving a specific earthy smell.

smell of the countryside road


It’s a smell that tells you it is harvest time, and that the days are getting shorter and colder and the months of cuddling up with a blanket and a cup of tea are coming soon. But also that there is work to do, harvests to bring in, food to conserve for the coming winter, all rewarded with a hearty meal at the end of the day.

smell of the countryside trees

Maybe it’s growing up on the countryside that causes me to associate all this with only a smell. Maybe it is my imagination and love for the old rural lifestyle. But it might be that other people would like it as well. I am really curious about that, so please tell me!

What do you associate with the smell of ploughed fields?

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