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A weekend filled with cosy, happy things

Hi! How has your weekend been, guys? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I’ve done such nice and cozy things, it was the perfect “start-of-winter-weekend”!

Of Friday, I met with my mum in Zuthpen. We wanted to do some (holiday) shopping and just enjoy the many interesting and fun shops around the city. As I’ve said before, I love the town, it always feels like coming home somehow.


There are just so many lovely old buildings, hidden courtyards and cute little streets. And due to the modern, alternative shops and general atmosphere, the small city gets an amazing vibe.


Just look at these grand buildings, for example, and that tower! (It’s even more special with the glow of the lantern, making it look as something out of a movie or folk tale.)


Unfortunately, many of the more eccentric shops do not participate in the weekly shopping night, as it turns out. So in the end, we were faced with closed doors of some shops that we had actually really wanted to visit.

Anyway, we still had fun. We had a lovely dinner at one of the places on the market square. It was called Grand Café Pierrot, and it provided just the simple, warming meal we needed. I had a delicious salad with warm goat’s cheese and some fries, perfect! (And again I forgot to take a picture, I know…)

After our meal, we kept to the streets in the innermost city centre, where we came across these gorgeous stained glass windows.


After roaming about some more, we visited the bookstore Van Someren & Ten Bosch, which is one of my favourite bookstores around. It’s only relatively small, but their selection of books is absolutely great. I particularly love how their stock changes so often and how they have these amazing, unknown gems of books.


After that, we took the train North together. At the train station we picked up a nice cup of tea to keep us warm on the (start of) the journey.


The cup had this nice little phrase on it, that I totally agree with. It says: “nice, warm tea is always a good idea”.


The next morning it was quite cold, but sunny and quiet. And the subtle fog had helped to cover everything with a beautiful bit of white.


I would have loved to go for a walk in that beautiful winter world, but I had work to do. Making holiday presents, that is. I can’t say what I’ve made of course, not until next week when the presents are given and opened. But I’m just so happy about it, I’ll give you a small peak at what I’ve been doing and will reveal the rest next monday, promise!


Before I knew it, I was back in Wageningen and Sunday had arrived. With it came a visit to a sculpture gallery and the surrounding botanical gardens. It was again a beautiful day, and I had a great afternoon! It felt so good to quietly walk around, taking the time to look at everything and enjoying the lovely company. Just what a Sunday should be, I think.



And now it’s the start of another week. I actually look forward to it, and I hope you will too.

Have a great Monday!

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