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Trendy Healthy Food at Mat Fra Hagen


If you are looking for healthy, accessible food, Hagen is the place to be. The café located in the Bakklandet area in Trondheim is the perfect place for a quick and healthy meal, snack or drink.

in the cafe

Simple, yet Elegant

Upon first glance, the street where Hagen is located does not seem so special. With a supermarket and solar studio on the other side of the road, it might not be the first place you would expect to find trendy, vegetarian food. But you will be surprised! As soon as you step through the door, the concrete and urban surroundings seem miles away. The simple, natural style of the café will instantly transport you to a small rural village where they somehow serve gorgeous and delicious food. With the simple interior, minimalist logo and easy musing, everything is in place to let you enjoy a moment to relax with tasty, healthy food.


salad bar

Lifelong Passion for Food

When talking to co-founder Richard Nystad, his love for healthy food quickly becomes clear. Part of that passion might be due to his father, who was always very interested in using traditional Norwegian techniques to prepare food and who caught, dried and smoked his own fish. Even after Richard left home, the love of good food stayed with him. He still has fond memories of the food on his tours as a punk-rocker, especially from the moments when they would be preparing meals together. “Sometimes we would sit in a venue and be chopping carrots together, isn’t that just amazing?”. And now, with the blooming business of Hagen, food is more present in his life than ever.

bottles of good food

fresh veggies

Multitasking Business

That Hagen is doing well becomes all too clear from the multitude of services they have to offer. Not only do the serve delicious food in the café, they also give cooking courses, work as food consultants for companies and go to music festivals in summer to serve healthy food to the festival goers. A true multitasking spirit, if you ask me!


Local Grown

Oh, yet one more thing to add to everything they do: experimenting with growing their own vegetables. They are already growing some veggies themselves and are also looking for some more land in the area. If they succeed in finding a plot, they plan to build a greenhouse to experiment with other vegetables and try growing microgreens. On a small scale, they have already started with the microgreens in a grow box in the café. That is a very recent addition, Richard tells me, they have only had it for a month now. So far, the results seem promising and there are tiny leaves of cress, mustard and other veggies growing. The amazing thing about those microgreens is that they not only contain higher concentrations of vitamins than regular veggies, but also add lots of flavour to the dishes. I get to taste a small leaf of cress. It’s only a small thing, but full of taste. Fresh and spicy, it is amazing! Richard plans to use these tiny leaves to spice up their meals. “Vegetables on themselves can be a bit bland and dull sometimes, adding a few leaves of microgreens can give a dish just the boost it needs.”

a healthy drink

A Warming Cold Drink?

Some of the options on the menu don’t need the extra punch, though. The delicious drink I had for example. It was a mix of freshly pressed apple, carrot, lemon and ginger, a bright orange substance that almost looked too colourful to be real. It was just that though, no artificial anything, just the pure fruits and veggies. And a few ice cubes. And despite being a cold drink, it is perfect for winter days. Tasty, fresh and quite spicy due to the ginger, it made me feel restored, warmed and energised again. Perfect! It made me suspect that probably all the food at Hagen will be just as balanced and well-made. That is no wonder with someone so passionate about food running the café!

If you would like to go and get a bite to eat at Hagen yourself, you are welcome there every day of the week at Nedre Bakklandet 75, Trondheim. Check their website for the exact opening hours or for more information.


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