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Waking Up With Nature

Waking Up With Nature

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Waking up is something we all do, every day again. It is just one of those things that have to happen. But have you ever thought of making some small changes to your waking up routine to make it more enjoyable? Try focussing on nature a bit more to brighten up your mornings.

greens at home

Ready for the Day

I know that not everybody likes mornings and getting out of bed. As I am a morning person, I have to good fortune to be able to wake up and feel bright and active right away. As soon as my alarm clock goes, I start thinking about what to eat for breakfast (yes, most days that is my first thought), what to wear and what nice things to do that day. Not in a stressful way. More in a “I am ready for the lovely day ahead” kind of way. And as nature plays a part in my morning routine, I think that can actually help to start your day of on the right foot. Even for those of you that have a bit more difficulties getting up in the morning.

A Little Green

Your alarm clock is probably one of the first things you see in the morning. And as most alarm clocks are not so exciting to look at, why not brighten it up a bit? By placing a lovely, small plant next to it, you will see some nice little piece of nature as soon as you wake up. It doesn’t have to be anything big. A small plant or even a flower in a darling little vase will be perfect. As your brain registers the green colour and organic forms, it will instantly give us a relaxed and happy feeling. I think that is a nice way to start feeling good from the very first minute you are awake.


Scent of Nature

After getting out of bed and maybe taking a shower, getting dressed is the next step. You can easily make that a bit more fun by using natural materials to scent your clothes. Some miniature pillows, scented with natural lavender, rose or herbs, will give your clothes the most pleasant fragrance. If you put just one or two of such pillows in your closet getting dressed becomes a moment to enjoy.

Check the Weather

You might also want to do this before you decide what to wear. But one way or the other, you will probably look out of your window at some point. While you do that, pay some more attention to the environment than you usually would. Take in what kind of weather it is and what the clouds look like, that is nature too! If you are not extremely pressed for time, take one or two moments extra to look a bit more closely. What greens can you see? Can you spot any differences with the way everything looked yesterday? Maybe you can find a flower that has started to bloom or a new birds’ nest. Seeing something delightful like that will do a lot to make you feel happy right at the start of your day, so it is definitely worth looking for!

Nature on your Plate

And then of course, you can add some nature to your breakfast. How about some fresh (or frozen) fruits in your oatmeal or yoghurt? Or maybe you could add a few slices of cucumber to your cheese sandwich. It’s just little things, but it does add some hint of nature to your breakfast. Not to mention that it is just delicious and very healthy!

strawberry breakfast

I hope these tips will make it a bit easier for you to get out of bed in the morning. Or at least let you feel happy once you got up.

Enjoy your mornings!

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