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Walking in the “Achterhoek”


Happy Monday everyone! I had a great few days of walking last week, and feel happy and completely restored again. Strange how walking can make you tired, yet give energy at the same time… Anyway, let me show you some of the lovely views of my walk!

The first day, it was still a bit grey and rainy. But that didn’t matter. The area was lovely and quite sheltered, so it didn’t bother me much. And as I had anticipated a whole day of rain, getting only one real shower was not bad at all!

Along the way, I met some nice highland cattle.


And a few less wild cows. Which were cute anyway, though!


At the end of long day of walking: ice cream! I’d been to the exact same ice cream bar years ago with my mum, so now that I was in Doetinchem again, I just had to find it. And it still existed! (I did go for a less extravagant ice cream this time, though…)


Planning my route for the next day in the evening.


The next morning I had not even gotten out of the city of Doetinchem, and I already came across this lovely meadow. Turns out there is a nature park right inside the city limits. I will have to visit that another time. (If any of you happen to know the park, could you leave a comment to say what it’s like?)


Some benches along the route have nice views. And others, well, don’t. (At this time of year at least)


And this is why I love Zutphen, the city I ended my walk this time. If I had to choose a city to live in for the rest of my life, it would probably be there. Isn’t it just gorgeous in a medieval, yet green and peaceful way?


What a lovely walk it was. If you are ever considering holiday in the Netherlands, I’d definitely recommend the “Achterhoek”!

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