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Warming Thermos Flask Drinks

Warming Thermos Flask Drinks

warming thermos flask drinks

Any time you go out into nature, it is always good to have something to drink with you. Most of the year, water is just fine for me. But during these cold days of winter, it’s lovely to have something warm and soothing to drink. That is where the thermos flask comes in, it is the perfect companion on wintery walks! I listed four delicious drink ideas.

thermos flask tree

Tea, What Else?

I love tea. I think you could honestly say I am addicted to it. It sounds quite dramatic, but after a whole day without tea, I am desperately longing for a cup. Luckily, tea is universal and rather easy to make. And it is very easy to take with you too. So, whether or not you are just as smitten with tea as I am, I think it is the perfect thermos flask drink, for anyone really.

Classic Coffee

Then of-course there is the counterpart of tea, coffee. I know a lot of people feel very strongly about their daily dose of caffeine and it really is fine to take a flask of coffee with you. But as coffee is not something you can drink without limits, I would recommend you to take something else to drink with you as well. That way when you are thirsty, you won’t have to drink five cups of coffee, leaving you bouncing around for the rest of the trip, but you can opt for another drink instead.

Lovely Hot Chocolate

The ultimate drink during winter, of course, is hot chocolate. Who does not like to indulge in a comforting mug of creamy chocolate deliciousness after a long hike? It’s just the perfect drink for such occasions, right? To make your hot chocolate even more warming, add some cinnamon and cayenne pepper. It might sound a bit strange, but it really is delicious and the pepper will give you an extra boost, leaving you feel warmed and energised.

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Heart-Warming Spiced Drink

This one does not really have a name. It is a creation that has evolved over time and is now my favourite warming drink (after tea, of course). As basis, you use half water, half milk. Heat that while letting a teabag float around in the pan. When the mixture is hot, add spices and a bit of honey. Don’t hold back on the spices, that is what gives this drink it’s warming effect. I like to use cinnamon, cardamom, some ground cloves and sometimes even cayenne pepper. And of course feel free to adjust the spices to your own taste.

May these warming drinks comfort you on those cold winter days!

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    11/02/15 at 15:15
  • Reply Wandering Justin

    That last one sounds great! I might have to do a post like this since I have a few other hot drink ideas. I’ll be sure to link to your post, though, since your idea started it all.

    02/02/15 at 01:34
    • Reply Inge

      Thank you! That sounds great, I look forward to reading about (and trying) your ideas! :)

      02/02/15 at 07:48

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