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What to do when summer is still far away

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With the arrival of June, summer is bound to be here soon. Or, maybe not. When summer still seems far away, here are some ideas to keep you going.

You know how I wrote about spring being so late in Trondheim? And then two weeks later, everything suddenly started to bloom. Maybe the same might happen when I write about summer this time. Because really, with eight degrees and rain, I wouldn’t really call it summer yet. Nevertheless, there are some nice ways to spend your time, even when summer is still far away.

Jup, that's eight degrees. In June. At the warmest moment of the day.

Jup, that’s eight degrees. In June. At the warmest moment of the day.

The first thing I really like is walking in the rain. You can call me crazy, but there is nothing to do about it. Going for a walk when it’s raining is just so relaxing. Especially in spring. Suddenly all the smells will be that much more intense, the colours more vibrant and streams appearing everywhere. It is lovely to walk at a moment like that. Even more so, when you know a warm shower and a cup of tea will be waiting for you at home!

Walking in the rain? Just keep smiling!

Walking in the rain? Just keep smiling!

Another great thing about the still chilly days, is that you can go for a work-out without getting overheated. If you are still a bit afraid to enter “bikini-season”, you now have some more time to get ready.

And of course, what is better on rainy days than spending time in the kitchen? On warm days you will much rather sit around instead of heating things up even more by using the oven or hanging over steaming pots. But now you can still do all those things! Take advantage of that by baking some cookies, cakes and breads. Throw together a nice stew or casserole. And just enjoy all of it while the weather is still right for it.

Nidelva in rainy june

Either way, the Nidelva is a beautiful river. In every weather.

And if you really don’t know what more to do, just make yourself a nice cup of tea and curl up on the sofa with a good (summery) read. You can always dream of sunshine, even when it’s not yet around!

Enjoy your rainy pre-summer days!

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