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Why are rodents so cute?

What is it about rodents? Why are they so unbelievably cute? I was being all adoring once again this afternoon, when Emily and I stumbled across a tiny hedgehog in the forest.

I don’t know if it’s their tiny paws, or their cute little noses, or their often way too large ears, or the way they behave, but there is something about rodents. Somehow they always seem to look cute. Even when they are for example munching on a dead insect. Even then they still, miraculously succeed in looking adorable and harmless. It’s unbelievable.

For me, I think it is the way they behave. Rodents can be so engrossed in what they do, rummaging around, doing their own thing, being so fixed on their goal or task at that moment. I think it shows a lot of intelligence. But at the same time, they can be a bit clumsy. Which makes it all the more adorable.

mouse wild-min

This afternoon, for example, the hedgehog was busily scratching around in the dead leaves right next to the trail. He was making quite a lot of noise, so Emily and I just couldn’t have missed him. But even when we stopped, and looked at him, he just went on with his business. Like it was no big deal some 600 kg of animal was heavily breathing right next to him. Seriously, Emily was standing less than half a metre away from him. But he just didn’t mind, I guess. Okay, maybe this hedgehog was not completely mentally healthy, because it shouldn’t be out at a time like this, in open daylight and everything. But still, right?

That is just what I love about rodents. My old pet hamsters were exactly the same. They could spend hours arranging and re-arranging their nests, caring nothing about us vacuuming or talking or anything else. It might not be the best tactic for survival, but at least it is very, very cute.

Maybe you will spot some rodents on your next walk too, who knows!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

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  • Reply F Palk

    Hi. I too love rodents! (Although, hedgehogs are technically not rodents, FYI.) I think most tiny furred or feathered critters are naturally adorable. Can’t quite figure out why… I’ve known gerbils, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, degus, rats, squirrels, and on and on. Each had a unique personality, and I couldn’t help but love even the bitey ones! Thanks for your post.

    25/08/16 at 05:55
    • Reply Inge

      I’m glad to hear you love rodents too! You are totally right, they all have their own personalities, it’s pretty amazing!
      (And I didn’t know that hedgehogs are no rodents, thank you for mentioning it!)

      25/08/16 at 14:01

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