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Wise Old Tree

Do you know how trees can be like real personalities? Sometimes a tree just seems to speak and have a mind. Before I sound crazy, I don’t mean that literally, of course!

Wise Old Willow Tree

There are those trees that have a certain air of authority about them. You probably know the kind of tree that I’m talking about, right? Those lonely old trees that are weathered by the years, but are still standing tall and strong.

I think they are amazing. Not only because they have been there for who knows how many years, but also because of the effect they have on their surroundings. A tree like that is not only a plant, but also a home and shelter to a big range of other plants and animals.

Wise Old Oak Tree

In the forest near my parents’ home, for example, there is this old tree that has an enormous network of roots above ground. When I was little, I used to call that the Mother Tree. For if you looked closely, you could find dozens of mouse holes, squirrel traces and insects. So as a little kid, I considered that tree to be the mother figure and guardian of the entire forest.

Mother of the Forest

Really every tree forms a home to a lot of other species, but those stately old trees certainly step it up a bit.

And why do I call them “wise” old trees? Well, maybe it’s just me, but standing next to a tree like that, I always feel kind of small and young and inexperienced. But at the same time it makes me feel save and relaxed, like the tree is there to guide you. A bit like those old healing women in tales and myths.

Do you get the same feeling with trees like that?


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