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it's a wonderful white world

It’s a Wonderful, White World

it's a wonderful white world

I just love living in Norway, especially in Trondheim. There are some downsides as well, but I only have to step out the door and look around to remember why I love it here so much. It’s just such a beautiful country! Even in the middle of the city, there is nature and snow and beauty everywhere!

a view of the city

City and Nature
Although the last couple of days have been a bit more rainy, leaving the streets clean and black again, there is still a lot of snow around. And thinking back to the beautiful snow a while back, I cannot help but feel amazed. After all, it is still a big city. But a lovely one with lots room for nature, and for snow.

red buildings

houses on the water

A Winter Paradise

With all this space for nature, the city must be amazing during spring and summer, when all the greens start growing and flower. But for now, the snow and ice give such an enchanted feeling. When I was on the bus to the stables last week, I saw these giant icicles hanging from a rock wall. In the city, yes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop the bus to take pictures, but I did want to tell you about them. I think all the tiny little things like that add up to making this place feel like some sort of winter paradise.


view of the cathedral

Early Morning Walk

Even walking to the university in the mornings is something to look forward to. When there are those mornings when you know more or less where the footpath should be, but can’t see it under the thick cover of snow, that has to make you feel happy, right? Or walking to the stables and passing a elementary school where all the kids are sledging and having snow fights before classes start. At moments like that I just can’t help but smile.

footpath in snow

university building

Nature Nearby

And then of course, there is the “real”, wild nature that is so incredibly nearby. When we went on a short hiking trip two weeks ago, we only needed to take the bus for about fifteen minutes to get from the city centre to the middle of a nature area. No enormous sub-urbs or industrial areas, just beautiful, clean nature surrounding the city. Amazing.


So, I think it’s save to say I really like this city, and I hope you liked reading about it.

snowy logs


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  • Reply MAndy Sharon

    Wauw, wat een mooie omgeving. Heel mooi met al die sneeuw! Fijn dat je het leuk hebt in Trondheim!

    21/01/15 at 15:53
    • Reply Inge

      Ja, het is echt genieten hier met alle sneeuw! :)

      21/01/15 at 17:52

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