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Yellowing Meadows

For me, nothing expresses summer as well as yellowing grasses. They are the ultimate summery view.

2014-07-18 13.13.30comp

I don’t really know why exactly. There is just something about those waving masses of golden fiber, it’s kind of enchanting.
2014-07-18 13.09.30comp

Some grasses are useful for their grains, others are good for the cattle to graze on, and then you have grasses that are just lovely to look at. Of course those grasses also have their ecological importance, I know that, but they are still beautiful to look at!

2014-07-18 13.12.00comp

You know what the amazing thing is with grasses? They are everywhere! You don’t need a picturesque hillside meadow to enjoy them (although that would be nice). But even in small patches of green or at the sides of the roads, the beauty of grasses can be found.

2014-07-18 13.09.47comp

Next time you go somewhere, if it is by car, bike or foot, take a minute to look at the side of the road. Do you see grasses? Can you spot different kinds of grasses? And then take another minute to just take it in, let the grass fill you with whatever feeling it is they give you. Joy, happiness, energy, inspiration, maybe something else? What do you feel?

Please tell me, did you find and enjoy any grasses on your route today?

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