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Paard & Erfgoed 2014

A lovely day out on a beautiful Sunday, that is what this years “Paard & Erfgoed” offered to their visitors on the 7th of September. And they have succeeded!

Paard & Erfgoed Header


Masses of Visitors
Arriving just after the show had opened, it was not extremely busy. There were more people than I had expected there to be this early, though! (Well, you can’t say ten o’clock is exactly early, but for a Sunday, maybe it is) Only a few hours later, masses of visitors would be trodding down the lanes between the stalls and massing around the show rings for the spectacle.


fresly baked
What’s on Sale?
Delicious pies and cracking fresh bread, mouth-watering jams and gorgeous brownies, there certainly was no shortage of luxurious foods!

pies and tarts

fresh bread

pumpkin weighing
Other stalls were present as well, offering everything related to living on the countryside, from woodstoves to natural cosmetics to sheepskins and horse-supplies.

Gorgeous jackets for sale

furs and skins

pots and glasses

A Variety of Shows
The shows performed that day were just as diverse as the stalls. I watched a show about Parelli (a special approach to working with horses) and after that a “show” where two men were showing off their special trained cows.

No britle

Countryside Accent
When the owner of the cows was talking about his pride and joy, it was obvious from his rural accent why this is a country fair, and that is exactly what makes this event one of my favourites of the year!

Cows waiting for the show
Immense Horsepower
Some moments after that, there were a couple of draft horses in the arena, proving their immense strength and incredible patience, what a horses!
Below you can see them groomed to perfection for their turn in the spotlights.

preparing for the show
Guarding the Sheep
Later on the afternoon, there would also be a sheepherding demonstration. The beautiful dog and “his” sheep were peacefully waiting in a small pen in a quiet place of the terrain.

guarding the sheep
An Absolute Success
A few drops of rain just after lunch couldn’t stop the day from being a huge success. The stand selling umbrella’s decorated with pigs did have some extra sales, but that was the only effect the rain had.
All in all, I had a great day out in an easy-going atmosphere, and I think the couple of thousand other visitors would agree with me. I’m looking forward to next year already!

To find out more about this lovely event, check out the website of Paard & Erfgoed.



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