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panda cow

Panda! (or not?)

I think I saw a panda standing in a meadow…

panda cow

Ok, well, it might have been a cow. But you do see the resemblance, right? These sweet little cows were grazing in a meadow close to the forest.

Sweet little cow

With the beautiful early morning, they made a perfect countryside scene. You can still see the fog hanging in the air and the dew on the grass. Just such a peaceful sight!

two grazing cows

When I stopped to take a picture, the young cows were curious who I was, and came closer to inspect me. After some sniffing they probably decided that although I did look strange with my bright camera and high heeled shoes, I was not particularly interesting. So they went back to grazing.

cow with nose up high

I stood there for just a few moments, enjoying their company. Somehow I really like cows. Not that I have ever actually had a cow, but I would like that, one day. Just a small farm, one or two horses, some cows, some chickens, that’s what my future dream home will look like. I’m allowed to dream, right?

Those sweet and trusting eyes, the soft noses, the relaxing sound of munching on grass… *swoon*

Do you like cows?


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