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planters on a bridge

Planters on a Bridge

planters on a bridge

You all know I am a huge believer in finding nature everywhere. But now I have to say Trondheim has surprised even me. How? By hanging planters on a bridge.

long stretch of planters

A Lot of Flowers
At first, that might not sound so strange. You can see some pots hanging from bridges in other towns as well, right? No, what does make it special is that the planters cover the whole length of a bridge, on both sides. That makes about 300 metres of flower beds, which will be a lot of flowers in spring. That is quite amazing I would say.

Designed for Plants

What is even more amazing is that these planters are an integral part of the bridge. They are build into the rails, rather than added to them. Based on that, you can guess the designers of this bridge already had plants or flowers in mind while they were making the plans. I think that is real green thinking. If we would just copy that, where else could we start placing planters? Maybe even integrated in houses, busstops, fences, anything really!

planters bridge

Positive and Green Bridge

These planters are not the only great thing about the bridge. As it is designed purely for pedestrians and cyclists, it gives a nice nudge into taking one of these more sustainable ways of transportation. Being able to get this shortcut may even make cycling somewhere faster than going by car. And while you are behaving so good by cycling, the bridge will cheer you on as well. Upon entering the bridge, a sign will tell you that you are doing well, and how many cyclists have been before you that day. Leaving the bridge will give you a boost as well, with a big sign thanking you for going by bike. A bridge like that will make everyone fond of cycling.

Flower Growth

As the planters were still bare right now, I will go back to check up in some time. While the plants start to grow, I will make sure to give you some updates every now and then, so you can all enjoy this lovely initiative.

What is the strangest place you have ever seen flower beds?

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  • Reply beautyfanatic

    I that is a lovely idea!

    Thursday March 12th, 2015 at 07:37 PM
  • Reply Nailfinity

    That’s quite a good idea! I love flowers.

    Wednesday March 11th, 2015 at 12:44 PM
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