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Six Week Walking Challenge: Week Two

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How are you doing? Have you had some nice walks this week? Maybe some more this weekend? Between your walks, take some time to plan the ones for next week, they will be great fun again!

Look what I found on one of my walks this week!

Look what I found on one of my walks this week!

Note: if you are new to the challenge, please start with week one.

Let’s add some speed!

This week, we will add a little bit of speed to the walking. Well, “speed” is a big word. You won’t have to start running, or anything. But from now on, the walks will have to be at a purposeful pace. Last week it was ok to have a leisurely stroll, now I want you to really walk. Go at a pace that shows you know where you are going, and that you are going to get there, no matter the distance. No running or speed-walking, just a good, steady pace.

Advanced Options

If you are a more experienced walker and have been walking at a brisk pace already last week, then I have another challenge for you. I want you to vary your walking speed. On hills up, you can walk on “full speed”, but when you go downhill, walk extra, extra slow. It might sounds strange, but it will give your shins, calves and upper legs an extra tough workout.

Just a nice view on a Sunday walk.

Just a nice view on a Sunday walk.

Sore Heels?

Even though you have only just started, it might be that you have encountered some problems. If you are suffering from sore heels, try walking with double socks. A thin sock as base and a thicker (woollen) sock over it. By doing that, you will reduce the friction between your sock and skin, and it will help massively to keep your feet happy. When you have actual blisters on your heels, prick them with a (sterilised) needle, let the fluid out, sterilise again, and put a plaster on top. It should heal well in a few days, but keep a close eye to see if it really does.

If you keep having problems with your feet, take a good look at your shoes. Do they (still) fit well? Are they made for real walking? If not, you might consider getting other ones. Shoes are really the most important tools for walking, so you want them to be good.

Okay, on to this weeks walks!

Week Two: Adding Speed

Walk nr. What? How long?
1 Take walk in intervals. Divide your walk into three parts and take five to ten minutes rest between each part. (Take some time to admire the green around you during your breaks!) 2.5 km
2 Brain training! Now try to walk with the least amount of stops. That means memorising the route so you won’t have to look at the map too often. 3 km
3 Find your pace. During this walk, try out different walking speeds. No strolling, of course. But within the boundaries of a brisk pace, vary the length of your steps, the speed of your steps etc. After walking with changing speed for a two kilometres, use the last one to find the pace that feels best for you. 3 km
4 Weekend walking again! Take your camera with you this time. You will walk intervals of about two kilometres, with stops of 15 to 20 minutes in between. During those stops, enjoy the weather, the nature, the outside air, and take some nice pictures!
(If you send them to me (or tag me on instragram/Facebook), I might just feature your pictures on next weeks challenge!)
6 km

Enjoy your walking!

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