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urtica dioica 3

Stingy Concoctions

As a child, everybody experiences the unlucky event of walking or falling into a bunch of stinging nettles (Urtica dioica). It’s not a nice thing to happen to you. It is for that reason that most of us tend to avoid the nasty little plants, when possible, we would rather never have anything to do with them again. Right?

urtica dioica 3
A shame really, for nettles prove to be the most amazing plants. For over hundreds of years, nettles were used for tons of medicinal remedies. Nowadays a lot of them are replaced by industrial made medicines, but we shouldn’t forget about the little helpers from the past.

Arthritis and Sore Muscles
Since ancient times, the leaves and stems of stinging nettles have been used to treat cases of arthritis and aching muscles. In the treatment, the plants were applied directly to the skin of the sore area, offering relief from the pain. Scientists have not yet quite figured out why this works, but is proven that some people find relief in the treatment.

urtica dioica 1

Hay Fever
Nettles are thought to help reduce the allergic reaction that people with hay fever show. Taking capsules or a freeze dried preparation of nettles at the start of the hay fever season might offer some relief. Possibly the nettle reduces the amount of histamine in the body, which is a compound in our body, related with immune response and allergic reactions. However, absolute proof of this has not yet been found.

Women’s medicine
For overall health, drinking nettle tea can make a big difference. It has a gentle cleaning effect on the body and offers lots of nutrients. It is rich in iron and therefore, especially for women, perfect as “blood builder” to fight fatigue and anemia. Because of it’s balancing effect on female hormones, it is prescribed to ease symptoms of PMS and the menopause. For pregnant women, it offers several minerals and vitamin K.

urtica dioica 2

Try it, but safely!
Apart from the above-mentioned health benefits, nettles are believed to have tons of other medicinal uses as well. I think it’s definitely worth a try. Stay careful though, it still is a medicine with possible side effects. Never take too much, and always consult with a professional in case of doubt!

Have you ever used a nettle medicine for anything?

Source: Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Legacy


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