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Subtle ways to treat yourself on busy days

There are those moments in life when you just need some love and attention, long days away from home, for example. Or days when you are very busy. At moments like that you don’t need love from the people around you, but from yourself. That way you can relax a bit and become one with all of the different parts of yourself again. And it can be the little things that do the trick.

Take your time shopping at the supermarket and allow yourself one special, extra treat

It might sound crazy, but I can actually really enjoy going grocery shopping. Taking my time to look at isles I normally walk straight past, paying attention to new products, it can really make me all happy and, most of all, relaxed. Especially when I promise myself I get to choose something nice to eat that is not a necessity. You should definitely try it on one of those days with a hundred chores on your list. This way you will at least have one fun thing to do, and you’ll be surprised by the effect it has on your mood!

Bring a good book to work

… and promise yourself you get to read one chapter during your lunch break. It gives you something to look forward to during the morning and takes you away to a completely different world during your break. That way, after returning to work in the afternoon, you will more strongly feel like you had a proper break. Just one chapter does the trick, so you’ll also still have time to socialize with your colleagues, or get back to work rather quickly.

A nice lunchbox can make all the difference for your mood

A lovingly prepared lunchbox can make all the difference for your mood

Prepare a tasty meal, just for you

I know it can be tempting to only make quick meals when cooking for yourself. When entertaining guests or cooking for your family, you will have a reason to make a proper meal, which probably also brings you more satisfaction. But why not cook something nice for yourself every now and then? You will appreciate it just as much as your guests would. Make it a relaxing moment by arranging the table, putting on some music and really focussing on the food. It might be a tad bit more time-consuming, but you deserve the lovely meal after your tiring, busy day, at least once in a while.

Have a mini-picnic

And I seriously mean MINI-picnic. Just a spot on the grass, a light snack or meal, a bottle of water, and you’re set. Instead of spending lots of time and effort into making it a big thing, just focus on the details. A normal granola bar suddenly becomes a real treat when it’s wrapped in a cute napkin, your water gets way more interesting if you add a squeeze of lemon and your daily snack-time transforms into a proper break when you sit down on the grass for just a moment. You will have fun packing the picnic in the morning, look forward to it in anticipation while seeing the bag or basket standing next to you at your workplace and of course you will enjoy spending a moment with those lovingly prepared foods.

How are you going to brighten up your next long, busy day? 

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